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Leading From Behind

Oct. 02 2019

It’s now officially a one-ring circus, with the top ten Democratic presidential candidates having taken the stage in Houston for the third debate.

Leading up to the evening, to the spin room and the days after, all signs continue to point toward a three-horse race among Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. But you might not know this if you look at our latest analysis of the candidates’ storytelling abilities, as scored by a group of Republican, Democrat and independent voters who watched the candidates answer the closing night’s prompt: tell a story that encapsulates resilience. Voters were clear about who actually answered the question in story form and delivered healthy doses of wonder, wisdom and delight. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t the front-runners.

By focusing on the night’s closing question on resilience, respondents were able to see the candidates answer in a non-scripted, freeform manner.

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