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The flip … without the flop

Flipping a sunny-side-up egg to an over-easy isn’t exactly a high-stakes endeavor—but it’s far from a culinary layup.

Worst-case scenario, the yolk splits on impact, congeals, and you move on with your day having consumed the exact same amount of nutrients as if you had executed the flip flawlessly. For perfectionists, sticking the landing is as much an exercise of nimble dexterity as it is silencing the inner critic eager to second-guess.

But more than anything, it really comes down to timing and patience. Too little of both can send any chef scrambling.

[Work the spatula tentatively around the edges of the egg.]

Your approach is to gingerly peel the egg from pan—the first indication of proper solidification.

[Maneuver the spatula farther underneath the yolk; get a little more lift.]

Now you’re testing the point of no return, but it’s not too late for Plan B.

[Execute! You flip that egg and anticipate the landing.]

Results are immediate … for better or worse.

[Perfectly plate it along with anything else you’d like to enhance the meal.]

Trust the process.