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Humans vs. Machines: An Interactive Quiz and Analysis

A copywriting cage match

A quick Google search of “AI writers” (as in, artificial intelligence writers) will send you down a scroll hole of new tech startups, each touting state-of-the-art AI writing models with the ability to generate articles from just a headline. They make loud claims: “Killer content, effortlessly!” Their websites plug multinational clients like IBM and Airbnb, and their glossy user interfaces scream, “The Future of Writing” all for a tidy $59.99 a month, roughly. It’s enough to make writers question their career choice. But do all these claims stand up to scrutiny?

We set out to test just how well these writers can perform. Do they hold up to the standards we would expect from published content? To the question of whether and how soon we writers might be out of a job, we built an interactive game that pits humans against AI in a head-to-head copywriting cage match. It’s a quiz where you choose which piece of content you prefer. At the end, a live scoreboard provides your individual results and an aggregate of all test takers. You will also be able to access the full comparative analysis of the AI writers we tested.

To keep it fair, we gave both human and AI writers the same brief. And, to keep it close, we curated only the best from the AI writers (more on that later). For now, jump in!

The Quiz

We asked AI and SJR writers to draft advertising and article headlines according to a fictional brief.


The Quiz

We asked AI and SJR writers to draft advertising and article headlines according to a fictional brief.

What happens if you give AI writers a real test?

From headlines to bylines, here’s what you need to know

AI writers have the potential to profoundly impact the efficiency, productivity, and creativity of the marketing and communication industry. But what are AI writers actually capable of today? Can they enhance or supplant the work of professionals?

SJR set out to answer these questions. We bought subscriptions to three AI writers (Jasper, Scalenut, and Writesonic)* and gave each AI writer a set of real-to-life assignments according to a fictional brief — the type of brief we might receive from a client. We then evaluated their work across headlines, social copy, video outlines, and articles according to a simple three-question rubric: