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The Photo 6-in-1

At SJR, customization is key. But so is atomization. With limited time in every custom shoot, we make the most of our photo assets, keeping in mind how many different platforms our work can be shared across—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and as website headers, to start.

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More than just repurposing one asset over and over again, we aim to define the intangible qualities that make that content worthy of your time. Whether that be its composition, motion, design, or cultural currency, the focal point for one platform is often the opposite for another.

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We believe there is a formlessness to how we ingest content – visual structure and copying what “works” is often muted by savvy users. In order to create compelling and impactful content, every photo must have a set transformative qualities that make them an undeniable presence in your feed.

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Images by: Adam Forstadt, Chelsea Peterson, Laura Beckerdite, Cindy Suen