4 Min Read | Strategy

Sculpt Your Content

Mar. 01 2022

A blank space is intimidating for content marketers … but also invigorating. It’s the ultimate symbol of possibility, the chance to build out a vision. But what happens when the space fills up? When pieces are squeezed in or piled on without improving the landscape?

That’s when the twin impulse to destroy sets in. To blow up. To slash with abandon.

A smarter approach to managing content, though, is to carefully remove what isn’t working and enhance what is. It’s taking a slab of marble and carving it into something that is both meaningful and captivating. It’s creating with intent.

And it’s an increasingly essential art to master: SJR’s research found that while 75% of companies think their content is at least somewhat successful, 62% of B2B decision makers ignore the content they encounter.

How can marketers engage their audiences and close this content gap? Each company needs a unique plan for optimal pruning, but here’s a general guide: