1 Min Read | Strategy

This is a Time Machine

The internet is a black hole.
If we’re indifferent, it can swallow up our most precious commodity: TIME.

But we have a choice.

In a world with less and less time, we can choose to be intentional and deliberate about the content we consume.

Enter the Time Machine – a physical manifestation of the internet, inviting us to reflect on how we spend our time.

It offers a familiar selection of social media channels, news and dating apps, from flimsy to thought-provoking.

It accepts payment in the form of time.

And each channel, from Instagram to LinkedIn, is priced differently.

A visual metaphor for reflection, the machine uses facial recognition technology to mimic the experience of engaging with social media.

Make a selection …
Look down …
And wait …

A shiny, mirrored bag falls down the chute. Like the internet, the content varies from coarse to nuanced, insipid to imaginative.

How we choose to spend our time is ultimately up to us.

As creative storytellers, we believe good content matters. Time may be moving faster, but we still crave stories that inspire, inform and empower us.

Throughout the year, the Time Machine will evolve, transforming into a tailored experience that meets our desire for wonder, wisdom and delight.

So … what’s worth your time?